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If you landed on my little corner of the Internet, you’re a parent of a teenager who dreams of raising a happy, healthy human. 

But let's be honest, between the slammed doors and the endless eye rolls teens can test our patience like no other.

That's where I come in! I'm here to help you navigate those teenage years with less drama and more connection.

Ready to ditch the frustration and rediscover the joy of raising a teen (yes, it's still possible!)?

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Is your teenager a puzzle you just can't seem to solve?
You're not alone. Countless parents struggle with:

  • Communication breakdowns: Endless arguments and slammed doors leave you feeling unheard.
  • Feeling lost: How do you navigate these turbulent years and raise a happy, healthy adult?
  • Constant worry: Are they safe? Making good choices? It's hard to let go.

I understand. I've experienced it with my own teen daughter!

But here's the good news: I've helped hundreds of families with teenagers achieve incredible results like:

  • Building strong, connected relationships where communication flows freely.
  • ​Establishing healthy boundaries that foster trust and respect.
  • Empowering their teens to make wise decisions and reach their full potential.

My approach is all about practical solutions and lasting results, not quick fixes or empty promises.

Ready to build a strong bond with your teen, set healthy boundaries (without feeling like the bad guy!), and ultimately, help them become the awesome adults they're meant to be?

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11 Magical Phrases Every Parent NEEDS to Know


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Cracking the Code to a Better Connection

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Dr. Cam Caswell parent coach
Dr. Cam Caswell parent coach
Dr. Cam Caswell parent coach


Parenting Teens with Dr. Cam

Feeling lost with your teenager? This podcast is your ultimate guide to surviving (and thriving!) during the teen years.

Here's why you NEED this podcast in your life:
🦋 Decode confusing teenage behavior
🦋 Boost their confidence and resilience
🦋 Build a stronger connection with your teen 

Dr. Cam, the Teen Translator offers support, encouragement, and actionable advice for common teen challenges like anxiety, attitude, tech use, and more!

The teen years don't have to be a struggle. YOU have the power to transform them into a beautiful journey of growth, understanding, and connection.

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Power Phrases for Parents

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Dr. Cam the Teen Translator

Looking for expert advice on raising teenagers? I'm Dr. Cameron Caswell, an adolescent psychologist, parent coach, author, TEDx speaker, and host of the popular podcast, Parenting Teens with Dr. Cam. (Bonus: I'm a mom of a teen myself! ) Pull up a virtual armchair and let's chat about navigating the exciting (and sometimes challenging) world of raising teens!

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