"Dr. Cam is a MUST HAVE if you’re looking for a dynamic, funny, engaging speaker who gets real and practical at the same time. Our employees loved the session, many were applying the skills the next day in their client work and at home, and several have bought her book. We will definitely be inviting Dr. Cam back!" ~Jessica Zucal, Director, Culture & Organization Change


  • Raising Happy, Healthy Teens in the Age of Social Comparison
  • Building a Stronger Family: Strategies for Connection and Conflict Resolution in the Teen Years
  • ​F​rom Panic to Peace: Powerful Strategies to Help Your Anxious Teen Thrive
  • Unlocking Your Teenager's Potential: Strategies for Building Confidence & Resilience
  • ​Cracking the Connection Code: 3 ​Secrets to Building Trust, Respect, & Appreciation
  • Decoding Adolescence:  4 Reasons Teens Shut Down & How to Get Them Talking Again 
  • ​Thriving Under Pressure: Restoring Harmony in the Home
  • ​Understanding Teen Social Struggles in the Digital Age (& How Parents Can Help)
Meet Dr. Cam
Cameron (Dr. Cam) Caswell, PhD, “The Teen Translator,” is an adolescent psychologist, parent coach, and the Director of Parent Education for the Thriving School Community, a revolutionary program she co-founded to improve student, educator, and parent well-being within the school system.

As a TEDX speaker, podcast host, author, and private practitioner she empowers parents and teens with the tools and knowledge they need to create positive, peaceful relationships with one another. She believes this is the key to changing the trajectory of mental health for generations to come.

Dr. Cam speaks regularly at schools, national organizations, and conferences. After her presentation at the Nysmith School for the Gifted, the coordinator described it as, “The best Parent Education event the school has ever had.” She has also been featured as a parenting expert on television, radio, podcasts, and in publications including Newsweek, Grown & Flown, and HerMoney.

Dr. Cam's presentations and workshops are an artful combination of research, experience, introspection, humor, and actionable. She uses her fun, interactive style to unpack frustrating adolescent behavior and inspire, encourage, and educate her audiences to work with their teen's wiring rather than against it. Parents and educators leave her sessions feeling hopeful, supported, and motivated for change.

Dr. Cam is the mom of a teen too, so she not only talks the talk, she walks the walk!
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