secrets to raising teenagers
secrets to raising teenagers
secrets to raising teenagers
Dr Cam the Teen Translator

Imagine your audience feeling empowered and equipped to navigate the wild world of teenagers. That's what I do! 

For over a decade, I've been empowering parents with practical tools and science-backed strategies to build strong, connected relationships with their teens. As a parent myself, I know the anxieties and the joys firsthand.

Imagine your audience leaving with a toolkit of communication skills, confidence to navigate challenges, and the ability to nurture a thriving relationship with their teenager. This creates a positive and supportive environment for the whole family!

Let's chat and design a talk that tackles your community's specific needs, leaving parents feeling empowered and ready to conquer the teenage years!

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Improving School Mental Health

The Thriving School Community Solution

We've been trying to address the state of well-being in our schools for decades, but the system is overwhelmed. It's time to do something different. Here is a revolutionary approach that is comprehensive, yet easy-to-implement. 

Power Phrases for Parents

Teen Edition

 Over one thousand powerful phrases to help parents of adolescents handle even the most challenging situations with poise and grace, and quickly resolve issues before they spiral out of control.

Dr. Cam the Teen Translator

Looking for expert advice on raising teenagers? I'm Dr. Cameron Caswell, an adolescent psychologist, parent coach, author, TEDx speaker, and host of the popular podcast, Parenting Teens with Dr. Cam. (Bonus: I'm a mom of a teen myself! ) Pull up a virtual armchair and let's chat about navigating the exciting (and sometimes challenging) world of raising teens!

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